Getting The Barakah 2nd Edition

Getting the barakah an islamic guide to time management pdf

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Getting The Barakah has helped hundreds of readers increase their productivity and make time for the things that really matter. Now you too can have these benefits and more!

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About The Author:

Getting The Barakah was written by Shaykh Ismail Kamdar. Shaykh Ismail Kamdar is considered a Time Management Master by everybody who has ever worked with him. His friends even refer to him as Superman, because his Time Management skills seem unnatural.

On a daily basis, Sh Ismail runs the Islamic Online University's Faculty as its Faculty Manager, homeschools his four kids, writes books and articles, runs Islamic Self Help as its founder, and still makes time to have fun and spend time with family.

In this eBook, he shares with you every principle that has helped him get so much done on a daily basis. It doesn't take any superpowers to do this, it is all based on tested Time Management principles which you can learn in Getting The Barakah.

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How many years have already passed by without you being able to achieve your dreams?

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Time Management is one of the most important skills you will ever learn. Through effective Time Management, you can excel at your studies, gain promotions at work, build a successful business, and earn more than you can imagine.

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What Our readers are saying:

There aren’t many books in English aimed at helping Muslims with time management. Getting The Barakah changes that... this book is highly recommended for any Muslim who is looking for a way to improve his/her time management skill and to live a more fulfilling life.

The Ideal Muslimah

Getting the Barakah is a personal narrative, which puts our deen at its forefront. Abu Muawiyah’s writing style is laconic and crisp, his tone is objective and emotional and his approach is simple and pragmatic enabling him to connect with his readers.

Umm Bilal 
Sisters' Magazine

Br. Kamdar’s book is full of specific ideas on how to control your time and accomplish your goals...I also love how his book reminds us to take care of ourselves and to even reward ourselves for our small victories! He also urges you to “invest in yourself” by learning new skills!

Islamic Online University

Alhamdulillah, the book has created a shift in the way time is perceived and helped me organize my time throughout 2016.Indeed, by applying the knowledge I was able to successfully complete several courses and even write four of my own PDF guides, making 2016 the year I accomplished most, Alhamdulillah. The best part is knowing that time is part of Rizq and that one can make Dua for Barakah in ones time.

Muna Bushra
Islamic Self Help Student
Getting The Barakah has helped hundreds of readers increase their productivity and make time for the things that really matter. Now you too can have these benefits and more!