What is Islamic Self Help?

Islamic Self Help
Islamic Self Help

Self Help is a genre of literature that focuses on giving you the tools to help yourself improve as a person. Books focusing on confidence, stress management, time management, anger management, goal-chasing, focus, concentration, and positive psychology all fall under the category of Self Help books. Essentially, it is a book or article that you use to assist yourself in improving in a specific area of your life. Islamic Self Help focuses on such information from an Islamic Perspective.

There is a great need for books focusing on Personal Development (another name for Self Help) from an Islamic Perspective. This website is dedicated to these topics to help Muslims reach their full worldly potential without any compromises to their religion or Afterlife.

Through Islamic Self Help, we hope to provide you with e-books, courses, self-study material, and articles that will help you grow professionally and spiritually, as a 21st century Muslim. We currently have published six e-books and will launched our first Self-Study series in early 2016, in shaa Allah.

Our Vision

Islamic Self Help was founded by Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar in April 2015 as a resource to help Muslims grow professionally and tap into their true potential. This in turn will lead to a generation of confident professional practicing Muslims who will lead the socio-economic revival of Islam, in shaa Allah.

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Support Islamic Self Help

Currently, Islamic Self Help is run entirely by Shaykh Ismail Kamdar. The running costs of the website, and the cost of production of the material and books are all covered by him alone. If you would like to assist financially to this project, use the link below to send us a financial contribution:

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