7 Things to expect from Best Of Creation

Best Of Creation: An Islamic Guide to Self-Confidence is the second Self Help book that I have written and is now available for purchase here. Here are seven things you can expect from the book:

1. Best Of Creation is my longest book yet!

My first book Having Fun The Halal Way is 106 pages, my second book Getting The Barakah is 119 pages. Best of Creation is 198 pages, making it the longest book I have written thus far. (yet still short enough to read and enjoy) My regular readers know that I love to keep things short and to the point. However, there is so much to discuss about this topic and this is the shortest I could make it while covering all necessary details. The result is 198 pages packed with interesting discussions and tips.

2. Understanding the difference between arrogance and confidence

This is actually one of the reasons that I wrote this book. There is a misconception in the Muslim community that a person can’t be both humble and confident. These misconceptions are refuted in details in the second chapter of the book drawing from Qur’an, Hadith and the example of the early Muslims. Examples are given of companions like Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf who was a confident businessman, yet a humble believer. Similar examples can be found throughout the book.

3. Learn to deal with setbacks, mistakes and fear

Each of these topics have their own chapter. Often the things that kill people’s confidence most often are life’s setbacks, personal mistakes and many types of fear. In each chapter, I tackle how to re-frame mistakes and setbacks in positive ways, and how to overcome all negative forms of fear like fear of the unknown, fear of change and fear of failure. Each topic is discussed in details with tips and action points to follow.

4. Understand common causes of low self-confidence

The third chapter of the book is dedicated to explaining the common causes of low Self-Confidence like bullies, cultural pressure, bad parenting and wrong beliefs. Each of these causes are explained in details with advice to those who may be victims to such causes on how to move forward. (My primary advice, of course, is to read the entire book)

5. Understand how Islamic beliefs regarding Tawheed and the Purpose of life relate to self-confidence

Self-confidence in Islam is rooted in our relationship with Allah. This makes understanding Tawheed, the Purpose of life and the creation of mankind necessary for understanding our potential to do amazing things in this world. Three chapters of this book are dedicated to explaining these concepts and provided a framework and foundation for a confident Islamic personality.

6. Understand the key differences between the Islamic and Secular approaches to confidence

One of the main reasons why I wrote this book was because most of the secular books on this topic promote beliefs and ideas which contradict the teachings of Islam. For example, they may teach that we are the masters of our own destiny, while Islam teaches that our destiny is in Allah’s Hands and if we work to please Him. He opens the doors to help us achieve our goals. These differences relate to core beliefs of Islam and therefore need elaboration. This book is an effort to highlight and explain these differences in details.

7. Dozens of beneficial Self-Confidence Tips

As with my book on Time Management, the final chapter of this book is a compilation of over two dozen tips for improving one’s self-confidence. This is besides all the key tips and concepts found in the preceding chapters which form the foundation of confidence in Islam. Making this a comprehensive guide to building confidence the Islamic way.

Best of Creation: An Islamic Guide to Self-Confidence is now available for purchase! Click here for details!

Best Of Creation

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