Celebrating Two Years of Islamic Self Help

Two years ago, in April 2015 Shaykh Ismail Kamdar founded Islamic Self Help. Dedicated to providing Muslims with Islamized Personal development resources. Islamic Self Help has grown faster than we ever imagined.

The Stats

The stats speak for themselves. In two years, Islamic Self Help has:

  1. Published 10 eBooks, which has led to
  2. Over 8500 eBook downloads
  3. Published 5 online courses, leading to
  4. Over 1200 registered online students
  5. 6700+ email subscribers
  6. Published 116 blog posts.

Alhamdulillah, Islamic Self Help is constantly growing. With Allah’s Help, we will continue to grow by providing you with even more amazing content in the years to come.


We are going to keep this short by listing our reflections in point form. So you can get straight into the competition.

A few reflections on this two year anniversary:

  1. If you have a good idea, get started with it. 
  2. Start small and scale upwards. Focus on providing value, not perfection.
  3. Most people told us starting such a website was a bad idea. Listen to the experts in your field, not ‘most people’.
  4. Too many people have unaccomplished dreams because they kept finding excuses to delay. Let go of your excuses and get started today.
  5. Everything big started small. You have to start somewhere, so get started with whatever you have.

The Competition

When we started Islamic Self Help, we launched it with two major eBook releases: Getting The Barakah and Best Of Creation. To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we are giving away 100 free copies of Best Of Creation: An Islamic Guide To Self Confidence.

The competition is very easy to enter:

  1. Simply subscribe to our mailing list
  2. Email subscribers will be automatically added to the competition

That is all!

We will get back to you by 18th April 2017 to let you know if you are a winner!

Enter our competition by submitting your details below

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N.B. All entries will additionally gain immediate free access to our eBook ’10 Self Help Tips from 10 Authentic Hadiths’.
Two Years of Islamic Self Help

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