Inner Peace

Disconnect: How to be happier


We need to disconnect

He sits all day on social media, agitated, aggravated, depressed. He needs to disconnect.

She scrolls through Facebook for hours, and begins to feel jealousy and malcontent deep inside. She needs to disconnect.

The family gathers around the table for a meal. Each with their head buried in their phones. Eating in silence, unaware of each other’s existence. They need to disconnect.

Society has a problem

We consume too much information. We share too much information. And we entertain our brains to death. Society has a problem of too much, and so we need to disconnect.

I do not mean to throw away your phone, or deactivated your Facebook account. I do not mean to give up the internet and live in a cave in the mountains. All that I simply mean we need time every day to disconnect.

Your brain, heart and soul need some space

Your brain is overcrowded from reading information all day across various social media platforms. It needs time to digest, analyze and process what it has read. It needs time to disconnect.

Your heart is overflowing with emotions from all the distressing and enraging news you read all day long. It needs time to process, heal and settle. It needs time to disconnect.

Your soul is agitated by the lack of remembrance of God, the lack of reflection on your deeds, and the overconsumption of entertainment. It needs time to disconnect.

Make the time

Take time every day for thinking and reflection. Disconnect your phone, your social media and your email. Be alone with your thoughts and learn to face them.

Yes, some of those thoughts may scare you. Some of those thoughts may make you worry about yourself. But you need to disconnect, be alone, face them and work through them. Your soul needs this, so make it a priority.

All about balance

Social media has its place in our lives. We can use it to stay in touch with family across the globe, reconnect with old friends, and spread great ideas.

But as with anything else, we need balance. We need time with those physically around us, time alone with our thoughts, and we need time to remember God.

Sometimes we need to disconnect from social media in order to connect with those around us. So take the time to disconnect.

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