10 Quotes on Wealth and Contentment

These quotes are extracted from my book Earning Barakah which is on sale here.

1. Every time you spend time and resources in the path of Allah, you free your heart a bit more from this world and grow closer to your Creator. (p. 56)

2. When the believer begins work, his/her heart is full of peace and security, knowing that Allah has already written their sustenance and they are simply working to earn it in a blessed manner. (p. 58)

3. A society that is obsessed with wealth and constantly anxious about poverty is unstable. Anarchy is around the corner and it takes one bad day to bring out the worst in people. (p. 59)

4. The promise of Allah is simple and clear: be grateful, you will receive more bounties. Be ungrateful, and your sources of misery will increase. (p. 70)

5. A gratitude mindset leads to a life of contentment and happiness. The believer always finds something to be grateful for even in the most difficult of situations. This keeps his heart optimistic, full of gratitude, and content. (p. 72)

6. The combined effects of trusting God, accepting one’s destiny, and practicing gratitude create a life of optimism and contentment. (p. 72)

7. A Muslim is not selfish and self-centered. He does not hoard his wealth out of fear of poverty. A Muslim cares about all of Allah’s Creation and this is reflected in how he spends his wealth. (p. 101)

8. The trader knows that Allah knows what is best for each of us and he is satisfied with the will of Allah. So, he trades without jealousy of other traders. (p. 104)

9. Islam is a religion that demands the highest level of character from us, especially in business. There is no room in Islam for shady business deals, cheating customers, or hiding defects. (p. 130)

10. Allah is al-Ghani (Most Independent), and people can only gain independence from each other through His Will and Blessings. Therefore, if we want independence, we must ask Allah for it, seek it through Ḥalāl means, and aspire to utilize such gifts in ways that are pleasing to Allah. (p. 36)

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Posted by Ismail Kamdar

Ismail Kamdar is the Founder of Islamic Self Help and Izzah Academy, author of over a dozen books, and the operations manager of Yaqeen Institute.