Books: Wholesale Prices

Islamic Self Help offers bulk purchases of all our paperback books at discounted rates. These rates apply if you wish to purchase 5 or more copies of a specific book, and your location is within the delivery range for Amazon. To organize a bulk purchase, email us at

Bulk purchases are ideal for:
1. Book Stores and Islamic Stores
2. Anyone who would like to resell our books privately
3. Anyone who wants to distribute copies of our books for free
4. Donations for Masjids, Schools, and Libraries.
5. Gifts for friends and family

Books Available and Wholesale Prices: (excl. taxes and shipping)

Productivity Principles of ʿUmar II – $15.00
Themes of the Quran: $10.00
Homeschooling 101: $10.00
The Book of Hope for Sinners: $10.00
Ahmad Climbs A Mountain: $10.00

To order any of the above books in bulk, email us at If you wish to purchase individual copies, you can purchase them directly from Amazon.