Cyber November | Black Friday Deals

Cyber November | Black Friday Deals

​In 2014, I started Islamic Self Help as a platform to help us improve our productivity the Islamic way.

Alhamdulillah, over the past 8 years, we have benefited 1000s of clients through our products which include over 12+ ebooks and courses.

Some of these are on sale now!

Let’s take a look at the history and stats of some of our leading products that are on sale this week.

Starting with our latest hit: History of Islam online course.

I recorded this course during the lockdown. It took years of research and 10 months of recording to compile.

History of Islam course stats:

– Launched in October 2021
– Over 1400 students enrolled
– 60+ five-star reviews

Grab it on sale here:


Islamic Self Help Mega-Bundle

This bundle includes our 10 best ebooks and is currently on sale for only $10 (i.e. $1 an ebook – watta steal!)

Grab the bundle here:

Some stats about each of these ebooks:

Getting The Barakah: An Islamic Guide to Time Management

– Islamic Self Help’s first Product
– 150+ pages on time management with an Islamic filter
– Over 5000 copies sold worldwide

Best of Creation: An Islamic Self-Confidence Guide

– Our 2nd ebook published in 2014
– Teaches over a dozen ways to improve confidence, overcome fear, and chase your goals
– All taught from an Islamic framework grounded in Tawhid and belief in Qadar

Homeschooling 101:

– Our 3rd ebook
– Launched a movement
– 1000s of homeschooling families began their journey here

Themes of the Quran

– one of our bestselling ebooks
– a summary of the classical work “A Thematic Commentary on the Quran” by al-Ghazali
– thematic focused tafsir made easy

This bundle contains more value than you could ever imagine. For $10, these 10 ebooks will transform your life and supercharge your productivity.

Take advantage of our November sale, grab the full bundle for only $10 here:

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Cyber Weekend Sales

Cyber Weekend Sales

The following offers are valid from 25 November 2020 until 2 December 2020.

Online Course Sales:

Aqeedah al-Tahawiyah – $18 (ACCESS IT HERE)

Muslim Golden Ages – $20 (ACCESS IT HERE)

Usul al-Fiqh Intensive – $18 (ACCESS IT HERE)

How to Homeschool Like a Pro – $25 (ACCESS IT HERE)

The Ultimate Self-Confidence Course – $30 (ACCESS IT HERE)

How to Self-Publish Like a Pro – $10 (ACCESS IT HERE)

eBook Sales:

Productivity Principles of Umar II – $7 (GET IT HERE)

Getting The Barakah: Time Management – $3 (GET IT HERE)

Best of Creation: Self-Confidence – $3 (GET IT HERE)

Themes of the Quran – $3 (GET IT HERE)

10 eBook Bundle – $15 (GET IT HERE)

The above discounts apply only for the selected products when purchased between 25 November 2020 until 2 December 2020 from these specific links.

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Ramadan 2016 eBook and Course Sale

Ramadan 2016 SaleRamadan 2016 Special Prices

Ramadan Mubarak to all our readers. We at Islamic Self Help wish you all a spiritually uplifting and productive Ramadan 2016.

In order to help you attain maximum productivity this Ramadan, we are offering our core products at discounted prices.

Getting The Barakah – PDFGetting The Barakah: An Islamic Guide

Check out our bestselling eBook, Getting The Barakah: An Islamic Guide to Time Management. It is available for $5 this Ramadan only!

Getting The Barakah focuses on merging leading time management techniques with core Islamic concepts. This gives the reader a well rounded understanding of Time Management in Islam. The eBook usually sells for $9, but this month only you can get it for just $5. Grab Your Copy Now!

5 Steps of Time Management – Video Course5 basics of TM rhumbnail

If you are an audio-visual learner, then you can check out our online Time Management course instead.

Focusing on the same core fundamentals as Getting The Barakah, 5 Steps of Time Management is a fun activity-filled online course that will boost your productivity. Usually selling for $44, you can grab the course at HALF PRICE this Ramadan for just $22 by clicking here. Take advantage and sign up for this deal today!

Best Of Creation – PDFCauses of Low Self Confidence

Best Of Creation: An Islamic Guide to Self-Confidence is our best reviewed eBook yet! At around 190 pages in length, this eBook is jam packed with tips on how to increase your confidence and pursue your goals the Islamic way!

The positive feedback we have received for this eBook is overwhelming, Alhamdulillah. Usually selling for $9, you can grab it for just $5 this Ramadan only. Get Your Copy Now!

8 Fundamentals of Public Speaking – Video Course8 Fund Public Speaking Thumbnail

Public Speaking is a powerful skill that can revolutionize your life, boost your confidence, and make you more effective at Dawah.

Usually selling for $64, we are offering the course for just $44 this Ramadan. Join the course today and start building your Public Speaking skills with our well-researched tips.


Homeschooling 101 – PDFHomeschooling 101 ebook

Homeschooling is a choice that many Muslim parents are opting for, but many are not sure how to get started. Our guidebook focuses on what to expect in your first year of Homeschooling, how to prepare and why you should consider this option.

Usually selling for $7, you can grab the guidebook for just $5 this Ramadan. This eBook has received positive reviews and support from homeschooling leaders like Zohra Sarwari and Fitrah Journal. Get Your Copy Now!

Islamic Self Help strives to provide high quality and beneficial eBooks and courses. Each of our products will help you learn new skills and grow closer to accomplishing your life goals. Take advantage of our Ramadan 2016 offers and grab each of these life-changing products today!

Ramadan Mubarak from the entire Islamic Self Help Team!

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