The Two Minute Rule: A Time Management Tip

The Two Minute Rule Two Minute Rule

A popular and effective Time Management Tip is called the Two Minute Rule. This basically means that if you have any task which will take less than two minutes to complete, then do it immediately and get it out of the way.

However, one should be careful not to apply this rule during times when you are supposed to be concentrating on other projects as it will distract you from that work and dull your concentration.

Ideally, the two minute principle should be used in batches like when replying to emails or returning phone calls. Alternatively, when you have extra time on your hand between major tasks then get some of these done.

The benefit of this principle is that it gets the short tasks out of the way, so they are off your mind and done with. This frees up your mind to concentrate better on the bigger tasks. Often, we feel like we have too much to do, but what we actually have is a large list of two minute tasks. Getting them over and done with can boost your moral and help you be more productive.

Examples of when to utilize the two minute rule

  1. When you need to make an appointment via phonecall or email
  2. If you need to pay a bill online
  3. When you need to reply to a short message/email
  4. Whenever you need to file away a document
  5. When you need to move a file from one folder to another
  6. When you need to rename a file on your PC
  7. If you need to delete something
  8. Whenever you need to throw something in the trash
  9. If you need to drink some water
  10. When you need to listen to a voice message
  11. If you need to reply to a missed call (and you know it will take less than two minutes)
  12. Whenever you need to update some software
  13. When you need to complete an order
  14.  If you need to grab a cup of coffee
  15. Right now, because you need to get our Time Management eBook 🙂

The Bottom Line

Sometimes your To-Do list may look overwhelming, but what you really have is a list of two minute tasks. Treating them as such will help you get through 30 items in one hour. Leaving the rest of your day free for more time-consuming and high concentration work.

Make the two minute rule a part of your life and see the dramatic improvements that come along with it.

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