How To Build A Culture Of Reading For Your Kids

How to build a culture of reading for your kids

How to Build A Culture Of Reading For Your Kids

Reading is an essential habit that develops every important aspect of a child’s personality. It is the duty of parents to prioritize reading and make it a part of the home culture. This infographic summarizes five tips on how to build a culture of reading for your kids.

These tips are:

1) Have a home library and give the kids access to it

2) Be a role model. Read often and in front of them.

3) Set a daily reading time for the family.

4) Discuss books regularly as a family.

5) Diversify your book range. Keep educational books, but keep fun books too!

Bonus Tips:

1) Teach them the biographies of great leaders who were also great readers

2) Read for them when they are younger and unable to read themselves

3) Share with them for your favorite books from your childhood

4) Have mini-competitions at home to see who will read the most books each month

5) Start a book club and make your family the founding members

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