5 Ways To Build Your Self-Confidence

5 Ways To Build Your Self-Confidence

There are many ways to build your self-confidence. In my book, Best of Creation: An Islamic Guide To Self-Confidence, you will learn dozens of self-confidence boosting tips and lessons.

Here are 5 tips extracted from that book. You can purchase the full eBook here.

1. Focus on your strengths

Every one of us have both strengths and weaknesses. When we focus too much on our weaknesses, we tend to become pessimistic and lose our confidence. A simple shift in attitude towards thinking about your strengths instead will give you a boost in confidence.

Identify your strengths, give them attention, develop them, and choose goals that utilize them. In doing so, you will maximize the productivity of your life and maintain high levels of confidence.

2. Learn new skills

There are so many things we don’t know, and every new skill we learn can transform our lives for the better. Learning a new skill gives you confidence in your own abilities. You realize that you have the capabilities to continuously grow and become a better person, and it motivates you to pursue even higher goals.

It could be a simple skill like driving or using or computer, or something more complex like learning new languages or studying towards a degree. Whatever it is, learning new skills benefits you as an individual, gives you more value as a person and helps you fulfil your life goals.

3. Increase your knowledge

Never stop learning. Too many of us close our books forever after school or university and as a result, we limit our potential. The truly great people who accomplish wonders with their lives are those who remain students for life.

Take up new courses, explore new areas of interest, read new books, or attend a new class. Whatever method you choose to study, just keep at it and keep learning new things. In this way, you are always growing, and continuous growth continuously increases confidence.

4. Take up public speaking

The number one fear of most people is public speaking. In fact, some people fear public speaking more than death itself!

This is why learning to speak in public is one of the most powerful ways to build self-confidence. If you can overcome your fear of public speaking, you can overcome any other worldly fear.

Take up a course in public speaking, and slowly start developing this skill and overcoming this fear. You might just discover that you have a talent for it and then you can use this talent to benefit the ummah. Even if you don’t, the very task of overcoming this fear will give you confidence in other areas of your life.

A True Story

When I was a child, I was very timid and quiet. I was the quiet boy at the back of the class who never spoke up or put myself in the spotlight. I never imagined that one day I would speak in public professionally. During my teenage years, a classmate and I used to skip our turns at public speaking class by pretending to be sick. One day, we made a deal that if he speaks during his turn, I will speak during mine.

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He ended up holding up his end of the deal so I was forced into a situation in which I had to speak in front of a group of a few dozen fellow students. I still remember my nervousness and fear. I had written out a speech about unity and read it directly from the paper in front of the group, and afterwards many students came to praise me telling me I had a natural public speaking voice.

My friend never spoke again in public since that day, but I am grateful to him for pushing me to break my fear. Over the years, I attended courses, listened to criticisms and slowly improved my public speaking skills as it became something I do professionally and enjoy doing too.

Learning to speak in public was one of the defining moments in my life that boosted my confidence and shaped my future. You too can have such a confidence boost by overcoming your fear of public speaking too.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Nobody is born a master of any skill. We all are born with certain built in strengths and weaknesses, but we can develop those strengths into real assets with constant practice. As a child, I loved to write, and as a teen I discovered that I was good at public speaking.

Looking back though, my early writing and public speaking skills weren’t all that good. I just kept practicing over the years, listening to criticism, reading articles, attending courses, and working on continuous improvement, and I continue to do so today.

If you discover you are good at something, don’t let it stop there. Take whatever you are good at and practice it until you become an expert in it. Doing so will boost your confidence and make you an asset to your community.

Learn more self-confidence tips!

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