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September Discount Offer: Homeschooling Course

September Discount Offer: Homeschooling Course


COVID-19 has caused a lot of problems. For parents and children, it has made schooling rather difficult. As a response, thousands of parents around the world are exploring the idea of homeschooling. Homeschooling is a viable solution to the problems of our time.

To assist parents in their homeschooling journey, Islamic Self Help is offering their $250 How to Homeschool like a Pro course for only $25 for September only. We hope that this course will help parents make the transition to homeschooling smoothly and ensure the best results for their children.

To access the course at this discounted price, or learn more about the course, click here:

This course includes:

  • 6+ hours of video content
  • 1 free ebook: Homeschooling 101
  • 1 free online course: Time Management

In this course you will learn:

  • 10 really powerful reasons to homeschool (#8 will surprise you)
  • 6 unique methods of homeschooling
  • How to teach Islam and Arabic, and Islamize other subjects
  • Time Management for Homeschooling Parents
  • The answers to 15 FAQs about homeschooling
  • How to set up your homeschool and run it effectively
  • Dealing with difficult children effectively and affectionately
  • How to instill love of learning in children
  • How to explain your decision to homeschool to others
  • Methods to help you avoid burnout and stay motivated
  • Out of the box ideas for homeschooling
  • How to educate different learning types

To access the course at this discounted price, or learn more about the course, click here:

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Course Review: Halal Birth Control

Course Review: Halal Birth Control

Halal Birth Control Course

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Halal Birth Control is an highly educational online course by Irfan Ullah Khan. The course focuses on the 19 methods of birth control that exist and the Islamic ruling on each one.

Halal Birth Control Special Offer:

This unique course is much needed in our times. Birth control is an area about which many Muslims are unclear. With opinions ranging between “Its all haram” to “Its all halal” among average Muslims, there are a lot of misconceptions to clarify. Irfan Ullah does an excellent job of doing so.

Course Breakdown

The course is broken down into 12 modules. Each focusing on a crucial topic. From the importance of marriage and children in Islam, to the ruling on abortion. Everything is covered in simple English with enough depth to clarify the ruling.

Besides the 12 video modules, the course also comes with mp3 versions of each module and a PDF transcript. There are additionally two bonus eBooks: The Islamic Hukm on Test Tube Babies and Abortion in the light of Quran & Sunnah. Both of which are highly valuable resources.

My recommendation

It is extremely vital for all Muslim couples (and couples to be) to educate themselves on this topic. It is very hard to find good resources on this topic that cover it so extensively. This is why I highly recommend Irfan Ullah’s course. It is one of the best resources currently available on the market in the English language.

A Special Offer – April 2017 Only

Although registration for this course closed almost a year ago. Br Irfan Ullah has re-opened registration for one week only. You can access the course today at a special discounted price by clicking here.

Please note registration closes 2nd May 2017. Purchase the course today and gain life-time access to this highly valuable resource.

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