NEW RELEASE: 25 Keys to a Happy Life

In this book, Shaykh Ismail Kamdar explains 25 keys that unlock genuine happiness, inner peace, and contentment. These principles are taken from the Qur’an and Sunnah and are timeless in their application and effectiveness.

The premise of the book is simple: happiness is not found in wealth, fame, entertainment or possessions. Genuine happiness comes from a purposeful life committed to God, supplemented with valuable relationships and good character.

The Quran and Sunnah are full of gems that train our minds to think better. The Quran reminds us that “It is only in the remembrance of Allah that hearts find peace.” (Surah al-Rad 13:28)

And the Sunnah reminds us that “The best worldly joy is a righteous spouse.” (Sahih Muslim 1467)

These are two samples of the treasury of verses and narrations I reflect on in this book. I pray that you find this book as valuable as I did, and that Allah accepts our efforts and makes this a means of guidance for many.

Learn more about this new book here at Kube Publishing or Preorder it from Amazon. If you are in South Africa, you can purchase the book directly from me for R200 each.

About The Author

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar is a graduate of a traditional ʿAlim program (Talimudin, 2006). He also holds a Bachelor’s in Islamic Studies (International Open University, 2014). He has studied Islam in both traditional and modern settings and has been a student of Islamic Studies for almost two decades. He began studying Islam full-time at the age of thirteen, began preaching at the age of sixteen, and wrote his first book at the age of twenty-three.

Over the years, he has taught multiple courses and seminars around the world and has worked with multiple leading Islamic organizations across the globe. Shaykh Ismail Kamdar currently works as a researcher at Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. He is also the founder of Islamic Self Help and Izzah Academy. Shaykh Ismail specializes in Fiqh, Tafsir, and History, and is the author of over twenty books in the fields of Islamic Studies and personal development.

Posted by Ismail Kamdar

Ismail Kamdar is the Founder of Islamic Self Help and Izzah Academy, author of over a dozen books, and the operations manager of Yaqeen Institute.


I would like to know whether i could order this book to UK before 20th July, wanted to gift it to someone and the November date is too late

Ismail Kamdar

The publisher is based in the UK, so you can order it directly from the publisher here:

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