Rights Of People

The rights of people in Islam

These are the rights of people in Islam

1. Rights of parents – never to disrespect them, abandon them, or treat them harshly. Always love them and maintain close relations with them.
2. Rights of children – to care for them, nurture them, teach them Islam and important worldly knowledge, and raise them to be righteous leaders who will contribute to making this world a better place
3. Rights of one’s spouse – to treat each other with love and mercy, and gently remind each other of what is right and guide each other towards the straight path
4. Rights of Relatives – to maintain family ties and be there for them when they need you
5. Rights of Neighbors – to make sure they are safe, and happy, and to never inconvenience them
6. Rights of Teachers – to respect them and express gratitude for everything they taught you
7. Rights of Students – to teach them correct knowledge, lead by example, and fulfill the trust placed upon you of teaching them
8. Rights of guests – to be treated with honor and given preference over oneself
9. Rights of the host – to not inconvenience a host by staying at their home for more than 3 days without necessity
10. Rights of Orphans – to treat them well and help them prosper in any way you can
11. Rights of employees – to pay them properly and on time, and never to overburden them with work
12. Rights of employers – to fulfill your contractual obligations and never to deceive them
13. Rights of friends – to gently guide them towards the straight path and help them in times of need
14. Rights of the poor – to share a percentage of your wealth with them, and help them rise up in life and escape poverty
15. Rights of people in general – to treat people with kindness, mercy, respect, good manners, and to help anybody in need
This is what Islam really teaches, and what practicing Muslims have been following for the past 1400 years!

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