Important note about my e-books:

In 2015, I published two books through a publisher, and they were both available via all major e-books outlets (Kindle, Nook, iTunes) and in paperback via Amazon.
In December, due to disputes with the publisher over finances, I cancelled my contracts with them. i.e. they have yet to pay me any of my royalties for the books. This has been a huge financial blow for me.
Due to this, my e-books are now available exclusively via my websites and my PayHip account ( as PDFs. This includes Getting The Barakah, Best Of Creation, Homeschooling 101, and Themes of the Qur’an.
I do not plan to publish them via an international publisher any time soon. So if you wish to purchase any of my e-books, please purchase them directly from my websites or the above link.
Also make dua that I get what is rightfully owed to me by my ex-publisher. Jazakallah Khair
Note: This doesn’t apply to region specific publishers like my publisher in Bangladesh who are reputable and will continue to publish my e-books there.

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