My favorite book that I wrote:

Alhamdulillah, over the past few years I have written many books. These include books on Aqeedah, Time Management, Tafseer, and Fiqh. However, from all of these books one book remains closest to my heart i.e. Best Of Creation: An Islamic Guide to Self-Confidence. This is my favorite book from all the books I have written.
Best of Creation is a special book which I still read myself whenever I feel my confidence waning. It isn’t often that an author continuously goes back to reading his own book, but I can testify that this is the case with Best Of Creation.
Best Of Creation started as a series of notes to myself to boost my own confidence. If you met me a few years ago, my confidence was very low. I was unable to chase my goals out of fear of failure or looking stupid in the process.
To deal with these internal issues, I researched confidence building techniques and started writing my own notes on the topic. These notes gradually evolved into a 190 page book tackling almost every key area related to confidence from an Islamic Perspective.

Breaking it down

The book begins with a discussion about the importance of confidence from an Islamic perspective. This is followed by a clarification of the differences between confidence and arrogance.
The next chapter is vital as it covers popular causes of low self-confidence. In this chapter, you confront the causes of your confidence problems and push through them.
The following three chapters focus on Islamic beliefs that build our confidence which include: Tawheed, Tawakul, Dua, the purpose of life, the nature of this world and the status of humans over other creatures.
The remaining chapters tackle the major issues we all face when it comes to confidence and offers concrete advice on dealing with each of these issues, which include: Friends, Setbacks, Mistakes, fear and comfort zones.
The book ends with a chapter full of tips on how to maintain confidence on a daily basis. My personal favorite is my motto: Be yourself as long as being yourself is Halal!
As you can see, the book is very comprehensive. In it, you will find the results of years of research, testing, practicing and writing. These concepts have helped me evolve into a confident individual constantly chasing after higher and higher goals, and I hope it will inspire you to do the same.

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