Course Review: Halal Birth Control

Course Review: Halal Birth Control

Halal Birth Control Course

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Halal Birth Control is an highly educational online course by Irfan Ullah Khan. The course focuses on the 19 methods of birth control that exist and the Islamic ruling on each one.

Halal Birth Control Special Offer:

This unique course is much needed in our times. Birth control is an area about which many Muslims are unclear. With opinions ranging between “Its all haram” to “Its all halal” among average Muslims, there are a lot of misconceptions to clarify. Irfan Ullah does an excellent job of doing so.

Course Breakdown

The course is broken down into 12 modules. Each focusing on a crucial topic. From the importance of marriage and children in Islam, to the ruling on abortion. Everything is covered in simple English with enough depth to clarify the ruling.

Besides the 12 video modules, the course also comes with mp3 versions of each module and a PDF transcript. There are additionally two bonus eBooks: The Islamic Hukm on Test Tube Babies and Abortion in the light of Quran & Sunnah. Both of which are highly valuable resources.

My recommendation

It is extremely vital for all Muslim couples (and couples to be) to educate themselves on this topic. It is very hard to find good resources on this topic that cover it so extensively. This is why I highly recommend Irfan Ullah’s course. It is one of the best resources currently available on the market in the English language.

A Special Offer – April 2017 Only

Although registration for this course closed almost a year ago. Br Irfan Ullah has re-opened registration for one week only. You can access the course today at a special discounted price by clicking here.

Please note registration closes 2nd May 2017. Purchase the course today and gain life-time access to this highly valuable resource.

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What does work really mean to you?

What does work really mean to you?

What does work really mean to you?

What does work really mean to the teacher?

Case A: She showed up to work today. Man, did she hate these kids. She just wanted to get through another day of teaching. So she counted the days until the next big holiday. In fact, she couldn’t even remember what she taught today. She was there for the paycheck, that was all that mattered. The question “What does work really mean to me?” never crossed her mind.

What does teaching really mean to her: its just a job.

Case B: She couldn’t wait to get to school today. She was living her dream. Educating children, inspiring them, changing their lives! Did you know she spent the entire holiday planning her lessons, and innovating new teaching techniques? She was ready, she was excited. She came, she taught, she inspired!

What does teaching really mean to her: inspiring and motivating the next generation to be better.

What does work really mean to the doctor?

Case A: He sighed. Another day of blood and sickness. He hated his job. His parents wanted him to become a doctor, so he became one but didn’t enjoy a single minute of it. He showed up, did what he needed to do, and went home. He didn’t take extra shifts, attend conferences, or make house calls.

What does being a doctor mean to him: Its just a job.

Case B: He woke up energized, with a clear purpose. Today he was going to save as many lives as possible. He was going to do everything he could to help as many people as possible. Every single day he woke up with this same purpose, and every single day he made a difference.

What does being a doctor mean to him: saving lives.

What does work really mean to the salesperson?

Case A: He shows up at your door, suitcase in hand. The one who makes false promises. He guarantees things which he has no right to guarantee. You know why he is there: he wants to make some money selling you a useless gadget. So you turn him away, as did ten other people. He doesn’t understand why.

What does being a salesperson mean to him: Its just a job.

Case B: He gives you a call. The product he is offering you is exactly what you need to solve your problems. The benefits clearly outweigh the cost. You buy it immediately and never regret the decision. So did ten other people today.

What does being a salesperson mean to him: Introducing people to products that solve their problems.

What does work really mean to the entrepreneur?

Case A: He starts a website. And produces a cheap-quality product to sell on it. He pours money into marketing. But nobody buys. The few who do regret it. The website shuts down. He starts another and repeats. Waiting for the idea that makes him rich overnight…it never comes.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to him: get-rich-quick schemes.

Case B: She has a great idea for an app that will solve a problem for thousands of people. She invests money in developing the app. When the app is launched, it is an immediate success. She uses the profit to invent a gadget that solves another group’s problems. It is another hit. She continues to repeat this process over and over again. Some hit, some fail, but all benefit those who buy them.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to her: creating solutions for people’s problems.

So what does work really mean to you?

The answer to this question makes all the difference in the world. Do you work solely for money, or for a greater purpose. Your answer to this question will decide whether you will be amazing or just exist.

Written by Shaykh Ismail Kamdar, Founder of Islamic Self Help and author of multiple eBooks and online courses.

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Beyond success: the one thing that successful people do differently

Beyond success: the one thing that successful people do differently

The internet is littered with dozens of articles about how to be a successful person. These articles range from serious well-written advice to fancy fluffy nonsense. Today, let us separate the gold from the dirt. If you read all the well-researched, well-written articles on successful people, you will find they all have one common message.

You see, there is one thing that all successful people do differently from unsuccessful people. And it isn’t easy. It isn’t something you would like to do.

What is success any way?

Before I tell you what that one thing is, we need to define success. When you saw the title: successful people, what image popped into your mind?

successful people

Is this your image of success?

Was it an image of a wealthy tycoon driving a fancy sports car?

Perhaps it was the image of a billionaire who donates millions in charity?

Or was it just someone who did work they enjoy and worked their own times?

It could have been someone with a happy family and a content life?

I hope it was a practicing Muslim who has earned Allah’s pleasure?

You see, success is a subjective word. So in order for this article to make sense, we need to settle on a definition of success. That definition doesn’t have to apply to life as a whole, just the theme of this article. This article is about being successful in your field of choice/career path.

Some do and some don’t

In every field, there are successes and there are failures.

There are authors who never sell more than hundred books. And there are authors who are multi-time best sellers.

Likewise, There are doctors who lose their certification due to malpractice. And there are doctors who become world renowned for being the best in the world.

Thousands of businesses shut down every year. Yet there are thousands of successful businesses as well.

You will meet teachers who you would never entrust your children to, and you will find amazing teachers who inspire children to be their best.

In every field, some fail, some succeed, and most fall somewhere in between, in the land of mediocrity.

So what separates the successful people from the rest?

They do what everybody else doesn’t want to do. They do the hard work. The scary work. The irritating work. They are the ones who see something they don’t want to do, but do it anyway because they know it will take them one step higher on the ladder of success.

You see, success only isn’t about doing what you love. There are many people who only do what they love and never experience success. (especially if they love to waste time or binge watch TV series)

Success is more than that. Success is about going beyond expectations, and doing what everybody else puts off doing.

The successful author is the one who spends the nights writing thousands of words that nobody will ever read, just to improve her writing skills.

That successful doctor is the one who never misses a conference and is always up to date with the latest research, even if it means sacrifice some personal time to do some reading.

The successful businessman is the one who invests a lot of money into training, courses, mentoring and books. So he learns what other businessmen do not, applies it and in doing so, surpasses the others.

And the successful teacher is the one who spends nights, weekends and holidays researching, preparing and learning how to be a better teacher. So she surprises her students with the latest teaching techniques. Inspires them with her positive attitude. And leads them to excel by leading by example.

Simply put…

Whatever field you have chosen, there is only one way up the ladder. Find what nobody else wants to do, but is necessary for growth, and be the one who does it.

Whether it is waking up earlier, investing in resources, researching an intricate topic, studying something new, or being better at customer service. Find the hard stuff and do it.

Do this one thing, and you too can succeed in any field.

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5 Islamic Reasons To Get Rich

5 Islamic Reasons To Get Rich

5 Islamic Reasons to get rich

Yes! 5 ISLAMIC Reasons!

Wealth is not a bad thing. Its how we earn it and spend it that we will be questioned about on the Last Day. The Sahaba viewed wealth as a means to earn more reward. This means there are many Islamic reasons to get rich.

The following Hadith is proof of this:

“Some people from among the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said to the Prophet (peace be upon him), ‘O Messenger of Allah, the affluent have made off with the rewards; they pray as we pray, they fast as we fast, and they give [much] in charity by virtue of their wealth.” (Saheeh Muslim)

What did these companions do with their wealth to get more reward?

Good deeds that require wealth!

Here are five such deeds: 

1. Give More Charity

Giving wealth in charity is one of the best good deeds we can do. The more we give, the more reward we get. When we give charity, we are rewarded ten times over or more!

If you want to give a million in charity, you will need to become a millionaire first!

2. Perform Hajj and Umrah more often

Each accepted Umrah is a cause of forgiveness for the sins before it. An accepted Hajj earns one Paradise. Hajj and Umrah require a lot of wealth to perform often.

This means we need to earn more wealth if we wish to increase in this act of worship!

3. Support The Dawah

Imagine being able to support an Islamic scholar by providing him a full month’s salary each month. By doing so, you allow him to free up his time to do Dawah, and you earn the reward of all the Dawah he does!

Likewise, if you fund a Dawah organization or project and it leads to many people converting to Islam. Imagine the rewards in such a scenario!

All of this requires wealth! Enough wealth and you can do such good deeds in future!

4. Build Masjids

Find a part of the world that needs a new Masjid and finance the entire project yourself!

Imagine the rewards you can earn if that Masjid lasts until the end of the world and millions of people pray in it over the remainder of history!

This kind of good deed requires us to get rich first, so that we can do these things.

5. Uplift the Ummah

The ummah is facing major problems today. We can sit around and grumble or work at improving the state of the ummah. I choose the latter!

You can too!

Build Islamic centers! Fund Islamic research! Donate to humanitarian institutes! Build Islamic schools! Help young Muslims with capital to start their own businesses! Invest in Muslim start ups!

The Bottom Line

There are hundreds of ways we can assist this ummah through wealth.

These are some of many Islamic Reasons to get rich!

So what are you waiting for?

Work hard, build your way up in life and then utilize your wealth to uplift this ummah and build your Akhirah!

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar is the founder of Islamic Self Help and author of multiple eBooks.

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Working From Home: 5 Tips For Effectiveness

Working From Home

Working from home is slowly becoming a norm across the globe. With more internet-based jobs launching each year, the number of people who work from homWorking From Homee is growing exponentially.

I have been working from home since 2010. Since then, I have worked in multiple roles online which include teaching, managing, marketing and running my own website. As someone with 7 years experience in working from home, I know the pros and cons this role.

5 Tips for Effectiveness

Working from home requires a lot of self-discipline. It is very easy to wake up late, get distracted with media and laze about. The following five tips will help you remain an effective worker as you adjust to working from home.

1. Create a designated work space

Having a designated work space is key to avoiding laziness. If you think that you will remain productive by simply working in bed in your pajamas. Or by working in your lounge or Jacuzzi, then you are dead wrong. Our brains associate certain places with work and certain places with pleasure. It is important to keep the two separate.

Set up a dedicated work space at home. One way to do this is to convert a spare bedroom into a home office like I did. Other options include setting up a designated corner in a room were you work from, or at least having a work desk set up in your garage. Just find a place with minimum distractions and set up there.

2. Create sources of motivation

Working from home requires a lot of self-motivation. You need to be driven to work up early, work a full day and complete your tasks. The best way to make sure it all gets done is to do work that you love. That way the work itself serves as motivation to help you get through each day productively.

If the work itself isn’t motivating you, then set up alternative sources of motivation. These can be motivational quotes on your wall, a motivational video you listen to each morning before work, or a side project that you are working on. The responsibility to create motivation falls squarely on your shoulders.

3. Have a To-Do List

Every night before logging off for the day, make a To-Do List for the next day. I make mine at 5 pm every day. Adopt a similar practice. This way, you wake up knowing exactly what needs to be done each day for that day. A To-Do list provides a sense of structure, and makes sure that you get everything done, regardless of the distractions you may face at home.

4. Take regular breaks

Don’t overwork yourself. Your brain needs downtime. When working from home, it can be easy to lose track of time and work around the clock. This is unhealthy and can cause burn out and even affect your physical health. Make sure you take regular breaks, schedule in some fun time and some family time. Maintain a balance in terms of work, family and caring for yourself. This will help you remain productive.

5. Schedule Your Social Life

Working from home can be a cause of feelings of isolation. This is perhaps the hardest part of working alone. In order to overcome this, you need to take charge of your social calendar. Plan events, invite friends over, attend conferences, meet friends at coffee shops, and do whatever else you can to fulfill your social needs.

Isolation can cause great mental harm, and even lead to depression. be aware of this and take care of your social needs by making time to meet up with family and friends. This will help you stay healthy and productive.

Final Word

Working from home is amazing. I get to spend a lot of time with my family. I  get a lot of alone time. A lot of work gets done daily because there aren’t many distractions. I am free to pursue my personal goals and dreams. And I don’t have to deal with office gossip or drama.

The key is to motivate yourself and stay focused on clear goals. If you utilize your time wisely, you can accomplish amazing things through the opportunities that come with working from home.

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