5 Productive Ways to use social media

5 Productive Ways to use social media

There are many productive ways to use social media. In my latest online course, I discuss this topic in details. Some people feel that social media is a waste of time. I agree that it is a waste of time for those who use it incorrectly.

However, if you use it for any of the five things mentioned below, it transforms into a truly beneficial usage of time.

1. Sharing beneficial links

Social Media is a great place to benefit others by sharing beneficial links. Whether it is links to Islamic articles and videos, self help articles, or health related links. There are dozens of beneficial topics out there that you can share. Sharing these links will make your social media account a means of benefit to all your friends and family members.

2. Reaching out and networking

Social Media is a great way to find and reach out to like-minded individuals. Many of my most important friends and mentors are people I connected to on social media. When used correctly, Facebook groups and LinkedIn in particular are excellent platforms for forging powerful friendships and partnerships.

3. Turn it into a Dawah platform

Like any other tool, social media can be a powerful Dawah platform. In our new online course, we teach how to do Dawah on social media effectively with over 25 ways of doing so. Utilizing social media for Dawah turns the entire experience into an act of worship with great multiplying rewards. Just make sure to stay in your lane and not talk about topics you are not qualified to address.

4. A great place to do business

The business world has gone digital, and social media plays a major role in business today. If you are a business owner and not utilizing social media to grow your business, then you are missing out. In our online course, we will teach you how to utilize every major social media network effectively for business. Special bonus sections in the course focus on details on how to utilize email and Facebook ads to effectively grow your businesses. Join the course today at a 75% discount here.

5. Inspire people

The final of our 5 Productive Ways to use social media is to simply inspire people. Whether its through sharing beneficial videos and articles, sharing powerful motivational quotes, or just being a positive presence. make it your duty to inspire people to greatness.

Social media these days can be a very dark place full of negativity, gossip, and anger. Be the difference, be the one who inspires. Not the one who dampens spirits. Inspiring and motivating people is one of the most productive ways to use social media.

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