Unedited Thoughts #4: Being A Muslim is more than you think

Being a Muslim

Being A Muslim is more than you think

One think that really bothers me is the different attitudes Muslims have towards being a Muslim. For some it is just a culture. For others a scary set of rules. And for others a means to feel superior to people and for some it isn’t even something they think about.

Islam is something so beautiful, so pure, and so deep that it really hurts to see how people misunderstand and misapply it in their lives.

Sometimes I wonder: Do Muslims not know what Islam is all about? 

Regarding Aqeedah: Do Muslims not know that Islam is about loving and trusting Allah, and obeying Him out of love and respect? Or do they think Aqeedah is just a means to declare others as deviant and feel superior about themselves?

Regarding Shariah: Do Muslims not know that Allah revealed the Shariah to protect us from harm and open the doors of goodness for us? Or do they just assume it is a harsh set of rules to impose upon others without mercy?

Regarding the Quran: Do Muslims not know that the Quran is guidance from Allah for every aspect of our lives? Or do they just think it was revealed to be recited without understanding?

Regarding the Hadith: Do Muslims not know that the Hadith is a preservation of the best way of life through the words and actions of the beloved Prophet (peace be upon him)? Or do they just assume it is “just Sunnah” and not important.

Being a Muslim is so much more

Being a Muslim is so much more than just having a Muslim name. It is so much more than just practicing personal acts of worship or studying ancient texts.

Being a Muslim means to develop a close relationship with your Creator. To Love Allah, His religion, His Prophets, His Laws, and His Will.

Being a Muslim means caring for the ummah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It means caring for their worldly needs, but even more caring for their souls and salvation. It means praying to Allah to guide and forgive the ummah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Being a Muslim means living this life knowing it is going to end. It means living this life knowing that an eternal life awaits us and we must prepare for it. Knowing that this life will end means learning to move through our problems and to stay focused on obeying Allah and preparing for the real life that will come later.

Being a Muslim means hating sin, even our own. It means seeking forgiveness for our sins, not seeking justification for them. It means realizing we are sinners, and then using that realization to become repenters, not repeat offenders.

Being a Muslim means recognizing that Allah alone knows what is truly morally right and wrong, and submitting to His Laws, trusting His Wisdom. A Muslim does not dispute when Allah declares something right or wrong.

So don’t just be a Muslim for cultural or ego-centric reasons. Being a Muslim means being submissive to Allah.

So be, oh servants of Allah, true servants of Allah!

Posted by Ismail Kamdar

Ismail Kamdar is the Founder of Islamic Self Help, author of over a dozen books, faculty manager of IOU, and a freelance writer.


thanks sheikh for this best remainder

JazakAllahu khairan!

Md.Mamun Hossain

Shaykh You are right. We all should understand the Quran and we should know the meaning. We should follow the sunnah for protecting our Eman.Zajakallah Khair.

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