Muslim History

History of the Umayyad Empire

This video is a module from my latest online course; Muslim Golden Ages: Rise & Fall.

Through this course, you will

  1. unlock the hidden history of Muslim civilizations that has been kept a secret for too long.
  2. discover the key contributions of Muslims to various arts and sciences.
  3. understand how the Muslims fell from power, and how history was rewritten to hide our accomplishments.
  4. be inspired to become the best version of yourself and rise to greater heights.
  5. contribute to a discussion on how the ummah can rebuild itself and enter a new golden age.

In this course, you will NOT learn about:

  1. Too many names, dates and locations. (The focus is on beneficial knowledge)
  2. Sectarianism. (The course focuses on positive contributions, not criticisms)
  3. Political history and wars. (unless relevant to the topics…like the Mongols!)

Who is this course for? (You, of course!)

  • History Buffs.
  • Muslims who are curious about their legacy.
  • Muslim Teenagers who want to learn the real history of science and culture.
  • Parents who want to teach their children the correct history of science and culture.
  • Anybody who is tired of the Islamaphobes controlling the narrative and wants to empower themselves with the true history of the Muslim world.

Who is this course NOT for?

  • Sectarians who want history to reflect their worldview.
  • People who are unable to study history without bias.
  • Anybody who has no interest in the history of the Muslim world at all.
  • Young children as some of the content is mature in nature!

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