Time Management: The Sunnah Way

This is a Time Management Video presented by Shaykh Ismail Kamdar. It is based on his best-selling e-book Getting The Barakah 2nd Edition.

This time management video and its contents are based on our exclusive e-book Getting The Barakah. The ebook is available at this link below.

Time Management Video

Are you ready to overcome procrastination and get things done?

Introducing Abu Muawiyah’s #1 Best-Selling E-Book, Getting The Barakah!

With this e-book, you will:

  • Learn a 6 step process for effective time management
  • Learn how to gain Barakah in your time
  • Discover dozens of effective and tested Time Management Tips
  • Understand the importence of time management in Islam
  • Discover practical examples of time management in action
  • Over 150 pages of time management tips

Don’t procrastinate! Begin your journey towards effective time management Now!

What our readers are saying:

“Getting the Barakah is a personal narrative, which puts our deen at its forefront. Abu Muawiyah’s writing style is laconic and crisp, his tone is objective and emotional and his approach is simple and pragmatic enabling him to connect with his readers.” – Umm Bilal, Sisters’ Magazine

“Br. Kamdar’s book is full of specific ideas on how to control your time and accomplish your goals…I also love how his book reminds us to take care of ourselves and to even reward ourselves for our small victories! He also urges you to “invest in yourself” by learning new skill” – Sheima, Islamic Online University

“There aren’t many books in English aimed at helping Muslims with time management. Getting The Barakah changes that… this book is highly recommended for any Muslim who is looking for a way to improve his/her time management skill and to live a more fulfilling life.” – Shamsiyyah, The Ideal Muslimah

Purchase your copy of Getting The Barakah today and also receive 4 Time Management templates.

Don’t procrastinate! Begin your journey towards effective time management Now!

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Ramadan Verse of the Day Series

Ramadan Verse of the Day Series

Ramadan Tafseer series:

This Ramadan I am writing a Ramadan Tafseer of one verse every day and posting it on my other website at this link. You can check that link daily for the latest Tafseer. The Tafseer will focus on spirituality and verses that discuss how we can get closer to Allah. Alternatively, you can subscribe to my mailing list and you will receive my Tafseer daily via email. Follow my Ramadan Tafseer series above to benefit this Ramadan.

I have also published an ebook containing my Ramadan Tafseer from 2014 which focused on the Themes of the Quran. This Tafseer can be purchased by clicking here.

Ramadan Mubarak to all my readers!

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Be Yourself as long as being yourself is Halal

Be Yourself as long as being yourself is Halal

Be Yourself!

This is my personal motto: Be Yourself as long as being yourself is halal! I spent my teenage years in a Darul Uloom whose culture was such that everybody was bullied into dressing alike, speaking alike and pretending that we are all the same, stripped of any individuality. This environment made me grow rebellious and I would upset the status quo with small attempts at being different.

As I studied Islam more deeply, I was amazed at how Islam has room for so many different personality types. The companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were diverse in their personalities. They included scholars, warriors, leaders, businessmen, farmers, strict people, funny people, thinkers and followers.

This led to me formulating my motto: Be yourself as long as being yourself is halal. Allah does not ask us to be robots: looking alike, dressing alike and behaving like we don’t have any unique attributes. At the same time, we all have evil within us that needs to be suppressed, and that part of us should be controlled.

Be yourself. Do not worry about what people say, just be yourself whether that means being strict or humorous. Don’t pretend to be strict because others are, and don’t pretend to be funny because other people want you to.

Let your natural personality flow and you will feel confident and happy. If you need to change anything, change it for the sake of Allah to grow closer to Him. Base your life changes on pleasing Allah, not on pleasing people.

Be your genuine and best self and not only will you grow in confidence but people will appreciate your honesty and courage and will eventually follow in your footsteps.

Best Of Creation: An Islamic Guide to Self-Confidence, pp. 166-167

Click on link for download and purchase details

Be yourself

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Productivity Prohibitors – Infographic

A word about Productivity

Productivity simply refers to getting things done. If you are a regular reader of Islamic Self Help then you know we strive to provide valuable content to assist people in getting things done and meeting their goals. However, in our daily lives, many obstacles arise that get in the way of being productive. This is why I am very happy to share with you this infographic below prepared by SurePayRoll.  It charts all major prohibitors that get in the way of being productive. Check it out!


Infographic originally taken from SurePayRoll.

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Best Of Creation Launched!

Best Of Creation: An Islamic Guide To Self-Confidence

Alhamdulillah, I am happy to announce the official launch of my new book: Best of Creation: An Islamic Guide to Self Confidence.

This is my second Islamic Self-Help book and it focuses on a Tawheed-centered approach to confidence. It teaches that true confidence comes from confidence in the Creator and His promise to assist us when we strive to be the best of Creation.

The book focuses on overcoming fear, stepping out of your comfort zone and learning to deal with mistakes and setbacks in a positive way. The end-result is a believer who is confident, connected to his Lord, and ready to chase his goals in order to make this world a better place.

Do you suffer from low self-confidence and have been struggling to find an Islamic solution to this problem?

Then this e-book is for you!

Through this e-book, you will:

  1. Gain practical steps and tips for boosting your confidence
  2. Gain the necessary confidence to pursue your life goals
  3. Understand the role of Tawheed, Tawakul, and Sabr in boosting confidence
  4. Learn the difference between confidence and arrogance
  5. Overcome myths and misconceptions about confidence
  6. Understand the causes of low self-confidence
  7. Over 190 pages of confidence building content

What our readers are saying:

“Ismail Kamdar’s new book provides exactly the right balance between Islam and the psychological aspects behind confidence, Masha’Allah. The author of this book does a brilliant job in offering action points that are easy to implement, regardless of your knowledge of Islam and level of practicing.” (Aisha – IOU Blog)

““Best of Creation” by Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar is such a refreshing read. It goes to the core of things by firstly establishing the importance of realising our reason for existence.” (Zarina – Muslim Women Exposed)

Don’t delay! Begin your journey towards Islamic confidence right now!

Best Of Creation

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